District Wine Village FAQs

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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General FAQs

Welcome! The Village is 16 buildings all individually licensed to make and produce their own wine, beer, or spirits. There is a large Centre Plaza where we have live entertainment, markets, and events throughout the year. You can go explore and taste wine, enjoy a glass or bottle at each location but due to licensing, you are not able to leave their patio with your drink. To enjoy drinks from the Village in the Centre Plaza you must purchase your drinks from the Restaurant.
Yes! Dogs are welcome but must remain on leash and we ask that you keep them out of the water features and off the furniture.
Each patio has a lovely water feature, you are welcome to put your feet in the water, but we ask you keep furniture and everything else out of the water. Feet only.
We are family friendly! But please remember, we are still a wine village with many visitors and kids must be always accompanied by an adult. Kids are not allowed to swim, splash, or sit in the water features. Feet only.
We are open year round! Each location does have their own hours that may differ from what is advertised for the overall Village hours so we recommend checking the homepage, we will advertise each locations hours. Not all the locations will be open year round or their hours may be shorter than the overall Village hours but we will keep the hours updated on the website.
No reservations are required. If you wish to make a reservation at any location, please reach out to that winery directly.
There are two ramps down to the Centre Plaza and wheelchair access between each winery patio to get around to each patio. We have wheelchair parking stalls at the entrance with 2 ramps from the parking lot to the Village. There is an accessible washroom and more accessible stall in the public washrooms as well. Each winery has an accessible washroom available.
Yes, each winery, distillery and brewery are small businesses that make a limited production. They do charge tasting fees some are refundable with purchase and some are not. Each location sets their own policies.