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Friday Night OktoberFest at the District Wine Village

Join us as we come together to celebrate craft beer and artisan wine with music and an amazing outdoor setting!

S-Bahn is BACK
Singer and accordionist Richard Tyce founded the S-Bahn Band in Vancouver in the early 90’s. With diverse and eclectic repertoire, the S-Bahn rocks Oktoberfests and all kinds of parties. Highlights include “Fall Crawls” where S-Bahn tours the Oktoberfest circuit – including the popular Leavenworth Washington, Mt. Angel Oregon Oktoberfests and the New Braunfels TX Wurstfest. Why the name “S-Bahn”? S-Bahn is the commuter train that connects cities in Germany with their suburbs. S-Bahn connects people – brings them together.

Fri, Oct 21, 2022 - Sat, Oct 22, 2022

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